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Human Capital Management
Data Sheet
To stay ahead of global competition, you need a well-trained, productive workforce and a management team who are aligned and working together to achieve your business objectives. You need a Human Capital Management (HCM) system that is purpose-built...
Plex Production Management
Data Sheet
Learn how to streamline production processes with a single, unified production hub that feeds real-time data to your operators and from your workcenters back to the business.
Developer Portal
Data Sheet
Build a connected people, applications and things ecosystem with Plex as the manufacturing system of record.
Plex Education Services
Data Sheet
Incorporating ERP into your manufacturing business can have a significant impact on everyone who touches the software. Learn how to leverage ERP to be more efficient and effective.
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Find out how MES within the Plex Manufacturing Cloud allows you to better coordinate production with the rest of your business, and also be more proactive in delivering quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner.
Customer Success at Plex
The Customer Success at Plex program is your resource to ensure a thriving relationship between our two companies. You gain the benefit of a trusted advocate for all things Plex to help you achieve greater success in your broader ERP strategy.
Plex Education Course Catalog
Plex Education Services provides the training you need to fast track user adoption, boost productivity, and streamline effective implementation of the numerous facets of Plex in your organization.
ERP for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
Brochure, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud for heavy equipment manufacturers includes capabilities such as end-to-end business visibility, manufacturing agility, a scalable cloud business model, and more.
IntelliPlex: Business Intelligence Built for Manufacturing
Data Sheet
Introducing IntelliPlex, the powerful business intelligence tool that's built into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Get results when you want them, where you want them, with one easy-to-use tool.
5 Critical Success Factors for Food and Beverage Manufacturing CFOs
As a financial and business leader of a food and beverage manufacturing organization, find out how to manage a profitable high-performance business with visibility, control and compliance.
Plex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Plex EDI is a fully integrated EDI system designed to improve customer and supplier collaboration for orders, releases, shipping and other transactions.
Plex by the Numbers: Quality for the Automotive Industry
Brochure, Automotive
The real cost of quality is the price you pay for not having it. That’s what our automotive customers tell us. Check out the numbers they associate with quality in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
3 Reasons Why F&B Processors Choose Plex
Brochure, Food and Beverage
Learn more about the advantages of running your business with Plex, the only native cloud ERP system with manufacturing at its core.
All Access Training Pass
Data Sheet
Incorporating Plex ERP into your business processes can deliver significant value to the company and to all of the people involved. In order to ensure your success, you should consider a comprehensive plan for educating all of the contributors who ...
5 Keys Driving Successful Food and Beverage Manufacturing CIOs and IT Leaders
eBook, Food and Beverage
Delivering business success through IT leadership in the food and beverage industry requires discipline and focus on several key tenets.
5 Keys Driving Successful Manufacturing CIOs and IT Leaders
As a technology strategist and a leader you need a secure, agile ERP platform to increase efficiency, lower costs and adapt as your business changes. Delivering business success through IT leadership requires discipline and focus on several key tene...
ERP for Discrete Manufacturers
Benefits of The Plex Manufacturing Cloud for discrete manufacturers include industry-leading quality and compliance, manufacturing agility and supply chain performance, a cost-effective cloud business model, and more.
The Four Compass Points of Quality Managers in Food and Beverage
Brochure, Food and Beverage
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides closed-loop quality management so you can ensure customer satisfaction, compliance, enable smooth audits, and continually improve your quality processes.
IntelliPlex Analytic Applications
Unlock the power of big data across your enterprise with for better decision-making. Discover features of IntelliPlex Analytic Applications such as data-drive actions, visual insights, personalized portals, customizable KPIs, and more.
5 Critical Factors for Manufacturing CFOs to Achieve Corporate Success
As a financial and business leader of a manufacturing organization, find out how to manage a profitable high-performance business with visibility, control and compliance.
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