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Industrial Manufacturing Demo

Watch this Demo to learn how Plex provides a comprehensive ERP solution for industrial manufacturers.

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Manufacturing with Cloud ERP Demo

Your operational and business systems should give you a competitive advantage and ensure that every area of your operation is running at the highest level of efficiency, quality, and safety.

Watch this demo and see how to (approximately 54 minutes):

  • Plan for customer demand while balancing inventory costs.
  • Track and trace materials and ensure quality measures are followed.
  • Leverage real-time control and visibility from the shop floor to the top floor.
  • Respond faster to customer demands, audits, and compliance certifications.
  • Make decisions with confidence based on accurate data.

Plex Customers


Manufacturing Demo | Plex

“A big improvement that I see with Plex is the fact that we can do live scheduling. We can now move a job and schedule it in front of another job at a whim or a customer’s request. We couldn’t do that before.” John Brayshaw, Operations Manager, Wisco Industries, Inc.