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Cloud-based inventory management with a high-resolution genealogy and traceability provides an accurate view of your inventory in real-time and at any point in its history. (2:55)

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With Plex Inventory Management, you know where your inventory is in real-time throughout production. High-resolution genealogy and traceability provide information about anything in inventory from any point in time. The integral nature of serialized barcoding with Plex not only streamlines shipping and receiving, but automatically captures incremental information at each point of production, including work-in-process. For example, you may capture data for receipt, movement, allocation, usage, production, inspection and shipment. Any number of data points can be captured at each scanning point that results in real-time costing for inventory evaluation. The system can also track contribution to job costing, user touches and real-time locations within the enterprise. All, permanently stored in a database for historical access. Plex includes an extensive library of preformatted label templates that can be automatically applied by part, destination, or trading partner. For instance, your suppliers can print your labels to expedite in-bound receipts, or you can print customer specified labels for finished goods. In addition, any number of work-in-progress labels can be easily customized with the built-in label designer. And the Plex Inventory Management System works just as well to manage production material, tooling, gauges and supply items. Plex even handles customer returned items, such as RMAs. Here, the Trace Tree shows upstream and downstream genealogy that enables rapid response to customer queries. This allows you to quickly respond to events like quality issues. Plex can track a broad set of inventory details, such as lot numbers, heat numbers, operators, quality checks and even the gauges that were used for inspection.  Better traceability gives you better accuracy of your inventory evaluation to reduce the need for safety stock and increase inventory turns in ultimately production throughput. With Plex, every operation has the right information at the right time. And of course, reducing excess inventory results in less capital outlay on your plant floor. Plex Inventory Management delivers high-resolution genealogy and traceability so you know where all of your inventory is in real-time and can trace back any detail about any inventory item from the point it lands on the dock to the time it ships out the door. To learn more, or to see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012, or online at

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