Smart Wearable Technology on the Plant Floor Demo


A Modernized Manufacturer's ERP System

Discover how the latest manufacturing trends, such as Google Glass, can be used to access the Plex ERP system and manufacturing cloud to help modernize your shop floor. (1:35)

Video Transcription

Hello, I'm Barrie Vince, Senior Software Engineer at Plex.

I'm here today at Ralco Industries to see how Glass might make it easier to manage machines, material and people on the shop floor.

Okay Glass, record a video.

Now, what you're seeing in the upper right-hand corner is what I'm seeing in the Glass heads up display. So, let's find out what's happening at this workcenter.

Okay Glass, go to Plex. My Google Glass is now connected to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. We are now accessing the Plex card deck. It's a visual menu of things I can do with Plex via Glass.

We'll select the View Workcenter card by tapping the Plex touchpad, and Glass recognizes the workcenter based on its QR code.

Glass is tapping directly into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and displaying real-time information about this workcenter. We have the workcenter code, the job that's currently running, and the status. The status indicates we need source material. Plex knows I'm authorized to use this machine, so I can clock into the workcenter to record my time by selecting the Timecard and tapping Glass.

I'll grab this bin, containing the source material and move it to the workcenter. I can easily load it into Plex by selecting the Load Source Material card and scanning the container barcode. And now, the workcenter is ready for production. And that's Google Glass on the shop floor.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of how technologies will play a part in the modern manufacturing experience.

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