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Product Management Tools - Demo

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Product Management Tools - Demo

Cloud ERP Product and Program Information

Central and secure access to real-time information ensures that processes are consistent and repeatable, driving cross-functional alignment between customer demand, engineering, and production. (4:08)


Video Transcription

Product & Program Management are integral parts of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and work from a single source of data. And with managed changed, your data is always up-to-date ensuring processes are consistent and repeatable. Robust program management drives alignment between customers, suppliers, and everyone in your organization. A Single source of data ensures that everyone in the organization is using the most up-to-date product information. A robust workflow engine enables managed change for timely and effective revision control.  And Plex’s built-in program management system gives authorized project members, clear visibility into what’s happening at each milestone. Let’s take a look at how Plex manages product data. Plex manages Parts, Bills of Material, specifications, and any associated documentation in a securely managed system, with a robust permission model. As a result, team members and stakeholders can confidently make decisions knowing that they are looking at a single version of the truth. Once you’ve developed a control plan, Plex operationalizes production processes to honor the specifications documented in that plan. Each operation must be completed correctly before subsequent operations can be started. But of course, the only constant in product development is change. So it’s important that you can react quickly to reduce potential errors and their associated costs. With Plex, a change made anywhere is reflected everywhere, so you don’t have to hunt through multiple versions or rely on outdated information.

The Plex engineering change module helps your cross-functional teams execute changes with a robust workflow engine that adapts to your companies’ business processes. Approvals can be facilitated from anywhere in the world with the SmartPlex mobile app. With revision control and effectivity handling, Plex mitigates the risk of producing against a downrev document that would result in wasted time, effort, and materials.  In fact, analysis tools help you make more informed decisions that impact cost and quality. Pre-defined workflows ensure that processes are repeatable and have appropriate oversight. From the Main Menu, the “hamburger” icon, you can follow the breadcrumbs to show your navigation path. Plex Program Management helps your cross-functional teams drive standardization and continuous improvement by incorporating lessons learned, and best practices from program to program.  Flexible program management tools support common methodologies like phase gate approval processes.  Stakeholders can drive increased productivity because they have visibility into program progress, issues and costing.  Color-coding makes it easy to see which phases are on-track or at-risk so you can drill down to explore any issues with the details. Product & Program Management is an integral part of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud giving you a distinct advantage over disconnected, stand-alone tools. Virtually everything that happens in Plex starts with a common source of data and is managed throughout your organization. To learn more or see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or online at