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Plan It, Track It, Manage It with Plex

Manage complexity with efficient scheduling and a control panel that delivers real-time visibility all the way to your shop floor equipment. (3:59)

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Production Management is at the heart of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. With efficient scheduling and unique control panel that is connected all the way to your plant floor equipment. Plex includes tools to connect the production hub with your entire plant floor, even wirelessly. Let’s start with a ceiling-level view of a production facility. This is a real-time configurable view of the status of the entire production floor. Easy to see, red, yellow and green indicators show the status of quality, tooling and maintenance alerts. And all this rich visual information is available anywhere you have internet access, even remotely using your Smart Phone or Tablet. With direct connectivity to shop floor PLCs, you capture machine data in real-time or at the manufacturing moment to eliminate errors and increase traceability. Notice that press number 16 has just changed to red. With a simple click, you can drill down into the details to see what the problem is. Let’s now go over to the Control Panel view for that specific work center. This is a view of the production hub at the point of production where shop floor associates will spend their day. The Control Panel is highly configurable to suit any organization’s specific needs and has all the functionality you need for any manufacturing mode. It’s easy to learn and use, touch-screen optimized and puts data collection in the hands of the operators for better accountability. Let’s see how it works. An operator logs in to record their time, work location and security authorization by scanning a badge, key fob or simply by typing their badge number. The work center can now record who’s doing the work for traceability and labor hour recording. With the Plex Control Panel, you can eliminate paper-based processes and you won’t have to sign-in to multiple systems. The Control Panel is a single, unified, mission control that collects and stores data in real-time. Each box controls a separate aspect of production, such as inspection or quality. It records production, scrap, scheduling and maintenance all in real-time. There’s even an area for the front office to send communications directly out to all of the work centers. Now, let’s take a look at the schedule for production for this work center. Plex makes production scheduling easy with full plant Production Requirements Planning, or PRP, as well as MRP and finite scheduling. All, provide sophisticated calculations that help you predict and maintain the right amount of inventory. Plex also supports many lean manufacturing concepts, such as, Kanban Scheduling, for high volume repetitive parts. But the most important purpose of the Control Panel is to produce something. Getting started is simply a matter of loading inventory via mobile scanner. Notice that the Panel shows red because no inventory is loaded yet, but as we load inventory it turns green to show that it has been consumed. Once the press has completed its cycle, we can record production and instantly, the Plex database has accounted for the consumed inventory and recorded the produced part, assembly or finished product. Production Management delivers efficient scheduling, reduces errors, and streamlines production through a unique Control Panel that’s connected throughout your plant floor to deliver a uniquely unified solution. To learn more, or to see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or online at www.plex.com/contact.

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