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Make disconnected inventory and production data a thing of the past.

Face your toughest inventory challenges head-on with Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning (SCP).

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Improve inventory management and reduce costs

With accurate forecasts and valuable insights from your supply chain data.


Exceed market delivery expectations

By meeting customer satisfaction and contributing to your bottom line.


Optimize the supply chain

With improved lead times, accurate inventory levels, and production efficiency.

Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning

  • Take Control of Inventory

    Leverage real-time visibility and transparency to optimize resources

    Often manufacturing operations lack the insights needed to plan and forecast inventory with accuracy. This means when a rapid market or demand shift happens, the ability to remain agile and react with confidence isn't there.

    Real-time insights from across the business, coupled with inventory visibility help you act with confidence. All your supply chain planning and production can happen in a single solution. With reduced waste and scrap.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration

    Advance productivity levels and unite the business

    Sales & Operations Planning is a cross-functional process that requires a seamless workflow. Without it, you're probably experiencing poor communication across your planning silos.

    With Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning, you benefit from integrated business planning that’s communicates bi-directionally with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

  • Error-Proof Planning

    Get real results by connecting planning and production

    Deciphering mounds of data into a pragmatic plan isn't easy. You have to analyze the market, understand customer needs, know your production capacity constraints, and match demand to supply. It is a true marriage of the art of planning with the science of contextualized data.

    Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning takes the guesswork out of the data for more reliable forecasts and plans. Keep customers satisfied and contribute to your bottom line.

Aligned with extreme precision to the pillars of Smart Manufacturing.

Plex Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is designed to provide immediate value for your company, while preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • Connect

    Connect your business and remove data silos with cloud-based planning to unite people, processes, and supply chains.

  • Automate

    Automate and remove the guesswork from planning with system-calculated recommendations for order requirements, safety stock, and lead times.

  • Track

    Track data, material usage, and related financial transactions to optimize your supply chain.

  • Analyze

    Analyze and evaluate what matters most to drive informed inventory decision-making.


Explore Plex Supply Chain Management’s Features

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    Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Planning and Collaboration

    Maintain control and visibility with integrated and advanced planning, supply and demand planning, distribution requirements planning (DRP), and master scheduling.

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    Partner Handshake

    Customers & Sales Management

    Cross functional, consensus-based plans lead to actionable master production schedules (MPS) that collect input from sales, marketing, engineering, and operations.

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    Project Management - Scheduling

    Product & Program Management

    Management of the details and progress of your programs and products provide status updates to customers, ensure that processes are consistent and repeatable, and drive cross-functional alignment between customer demand, engineering, and production.

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