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With 2020 In Sight, We Take a Moment to Admire Manufacturers

December 20, 2019

As we get ready to turn the page on 2020, it’s time to take stock of the year, and we can’t do that without taking a moment to take note of the one thing Plex was truly thankful for in 2019: the manufacturer.

The manufacturers we work with day in and day out encourage us to push ourselves further, inspiring us with their innovation and showing us how they’re taking manufacturing to the next level.

When Plex was founded in 1995, it was workers on the shop floor who thought there was a better way to ensure parts matched customer specs and presses ran on time. But we had no idea how massive this entity would become.

This quote from Jerry Foster, our co-founder, sums up the ideas that went into starting the company and how we wanted to serve customers as we moved forward: “We built Plex walking between the shop floor and the boardroom, figuring out what we needed to track, measure and automate, then updating the software and iterating again. This model of continuous innovation still serves as the foundation of Plex solutions today.”

That spirit of innovation is stronger than ever, and we are constantly amazed at how our customers use our technology to make their companies thrive.

From all of us at Plex, we wish all of you a safe and relaxing holiday season and a prosperous 2020.


About the Author

Lori Zoellner Director of Corporate Communications, Plex Systems