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What Does Corporate Social Responsibility Mean at Plex?

Cheryl Yuran December 23, 2019

“Corporate social responsibility” has many definitions, but one that you’ll rarely come across is “a measure of great work/life integration.” It may be unconventional, but I hope it is far from surprising to you that Plex believes corporate social responsibility should be woven into the very fabric of an organization’s culture. And where does culture start? With people. ...

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With 2020 In Sight, We Take a Moment to Admire Manufacturers

Lori Zoellner December 20, 2019

As we get ready to turn the page on 2020, it’s time to take stock of the year, and we can’t do that without taking a moment to take note of the one thing Plex was truly thankful for in 2019: the manufacturer....

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Plex and Life Remodeled's Detroit 2018 Volunteer Project

Cheryl Yuran October 23, 2018

Since I’ve been at Plex, I’ve noticed something special about the people at this company: they care. They care about the community we live in and about giving back. One example of this is a recent project with the Life Remodeled organization. The mission of this organization is to identify inner-city neighborhoods in Detroit and remodel a community asset, repair owner-occupied homes, and…

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Disrupting Habits in Manufacturing

Anurag Garg September 5, 2018

If you’ve spent time in tech circles, or if you’ve watched the show "Silicon Valley,” the term “disruptive technology” is used to describe anything new in tech. Unfortunately, the term is overused, and like most items on the Gartner Hype Curve, a lot of today’s “disruptive technologies” will quietly die out before they truly have the chance to disrupt anything. We saw this with all the hype…

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Plex Supports mikeroweWORKS Foundation and America’s Hardest Workers

Kaitlin Rebella May 10, 2017

If you follow Executive Producer and TV Host Mike Rowe on Facebook or listen to his podcast, The Way I Heard It, you’ll be treated to stories about America’s skilled trade workers and how they’re making a difference. These stories inspire all of us at Plex who are privileged to support the manufacturing community....

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PowerPlex 2016: Women Leaders in Manufacturing and Technology

Plex Team May 31, 2016

This event was the second annual PowerPlex session devoted to women. This year’s panel included a cross-section of strong, articulate, and successful women in executive positions who had great advice for women pursuing careers in technology and manufacturing. ...

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Thank You for Helping Us Support the Flint Community

Plex Team March 16, 2016

Last month, our colleague and Flint, Mich. native Marcus Jones started a a GoFundMe account to bring safe, clean drinking water to the people of Flint. What began as a campaign to raise $2,000 for the Flint community quickly grew into much, much more....

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Why Aren’t There More Women in Manufacturing?

Plex Team September 21, 2015

The manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous transformation. Smart machines line the plant floor, products are customized in near real time, and mobile devices are used to provide insight into operations 24x7x365....

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Finding the Right Talent for Your Culture

Plex Team September 10, 2013

I was recently invited to speak at the Elite Suite Series, an event hosted by the 101 Best & Brightest Places to Work organization. (Bragging alert: For three years running, Plex has been named an “Elite” winner for employee enrichment, engagement and retention at the Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For annual awards competition.)...

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Plex Partners with Gleaners to Help End Hunger in Southeastern Michigan

Plex Team May 15, 2013

Giving back to our communities is in our blood. It was part of the very core of Plex when it was founded in 1995, and it is a tenet we still hold dear today. Each year, Plex employees nominate and vote on a focus charity they’d like to support. ...

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