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Plex and Life Remodeled's Detroit 2018 Volunteer Project

October 23, 2018

Since I’ve been at Plex, I’ve noticed something special about the people at this company: they care. They care about the community we live in and about giving back.

One example of this is a recent project with the Life Remodeled organization. The mission of this organization is to identify inner-city neighborhoods in Detroit and remodel a community asset, repair owner-occupied homes, and mobilize volunteers to transform lives. 

This year Plex employees from all areas of our company and representatives from one of our customers, Inteva, joined over 10,000 volunteers to focus on the area around the new Durfee Innovation Center. There was a single goal in mind: build a connection with those around us to empower a community. Over the course of six days, these volunteers helped to rebuild 300 city blocks and give hope to countless residents and volunteers alike.

The accomplishments from this project are impressive:

  • Cleared 102 alleyways
  • Planted more than 700 trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Built 6 community gardens
  • Installed 20 free libraries along Safe Routes
  • Installed 3 new bus shelters
  • Installed 5 grills and picnic tables at neighborhood parks
  • Installed 2 sets of bleacher for the Central High School softball field

When people come together for projects like this one, it matters and lives are truly changed for the better. I’m proud to be part of Plex, and look forward to more opportunities to have an impact on our community.

About the Author

Cheryl Yuran Group Vice President of Human Resources, Plex Systems