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Cheryl Yuran

Group Vice President of Human Resources, Plex Systems

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About the Author

Cheryl Yuran is group vice president of human resources and brings extensive experience developing talent and guiding people through change. Cheryl joined Plex from her position as executive vice president of human resources at Dialog Direct, a marketing and customer engagement solution provider, where she led the human resources function and strategy. She is a graduate of Michigan State University with majors in employee relations and psychology.

STEAM Education is Critical to Powering Manufacturing Innovation

Cheryl Yuran November 10, 2020

A strong and innovative manufacturing base is essential to the world’s economic future. However, according to a Deloitte study, the manufacturing skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028, with a potential economic impact of 2.5 trillion....

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Plex

Cheryl Yuran March 6, 2020

I have always thought of Plex as being a unique and rewarding place to work. Not only does the work challenge me, but it allows me to step outside of my job responsibilities and work on causes I’m passionate about, all for the betterment of the company. ...

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What Does Corporate Social Responsibility Mean at Plex?

Cheryl Yuran December 23, 2019

“Corporate social responsibility” has many definitions, but one that you’ll rarely come across is “a measure of great work/life integration.” It may be unconventional, but I hope it is far from surprising to you that Plex believes corporate social responsibility should be woven into the very fabric of an organization’s culture. And where does culture start? With people. ...

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Women Leaders in Manufacturing and Technology: Facing Challenges, Taking Action, and Bridging the Gap

Cheryl Yuran June 13, 2019

The shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing is the biggest challenge facing the industry right now. In the U.S., some estimated two-million jobs will need to be filled in manufacturing over the next decade—and six out of 10 positions are currently unfilled.1 Women constitute one of US manufacturing’s largest pools of untapped talent; however, they still represent less than 30 percent of the…

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Reflecting on a Year of Plex Team Pride and Community Contributions

Cheryl Yuran December 11, 2018

The year is quickly coming to a close, which means that it’s time to reflect back on what we’ve accomplished as a team here at Plex. As a culture that prides itself on fostering the professional development, well-being, and happiness of our people, here are a few things we’re particularly proud of, and what helps make Plex such a unique and innovative company....

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Plex and Life Remodeled's Detroit 2018 Volunteer Project

Cheryl Yuran October 23, 2018

Since I’ve been at Plex, I’ve noticed something special about the people at this company: they care. They care about the community we live in and about giving back. One example of this is a recent project with the Life Remodeled organization. The mission of this organization is to identify inner-city neighborhoods in Detroit and remodel a community asset, repair owner-occupied homes, and…

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