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Plex Named a Leader

in the IDC MarketScape ERP Applications 2020 Vendor Assessment.

Jane Clabby

Research Analyst, Clabby Analytics


About the Author

Jane Clabby has been in the technology industry for over 25 years. She has worked at Data General and EMC in a variety of positions including: product management, market research, business development and marketing communications. In her five years at Clabby Analytics as a Research Analyst, she has covered storage, storage management, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and analytics. Jane received her BA from Williams College and an MBA from Boston University.

PowerPlex 2018 – Back to Detroit

Jane Clabby May 18, 2018

Introduction After hosting PowerPlex 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, PowerPlex 2018 returns to its roots in Detroit, Michigan, one of the nation’s biggest manufacturing hubs. CEO Don Clarke welcomed the audience in his Opening Keynote, “Makers Making an Impact,” recognizing the Plex community of manufacturing professionals who are positioned at the intersection of manufacturing and technology....

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Innovation – Plex Customers “Making Things”

Jane Clabby May 17, 2018

One of the lessons learned in Jerry Foster’s Innovation Keynote at PowerPlex 2018 is that innovation can take many forms. While we most often think of product innovation, there is also business process innovation, innovation in the way we communicate, and many other lenses through which we can view innovation. Here are several compelling examples of innovation highlighted at Plex 2018....

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PowerPlex 2018 – Innovation in Manufacturing Keynote

Jane Clabby May 16, 2018

As Jerry Foster, Plex CTO, sees it, “all in on innovation today will own the competition tomorrow.” However, innovation isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about manufacturing. We tend to think more about technology companies as being innovative – or companies that have introduced new business models such as Amazon, Uber or Airbnb....

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PowerPlex 2017 - Manufacturers Share Ideas, Discuss Skills Shortage and Give Back

Jane Clabby May 20, 2017

Skills Shortage In conversations with attendees at this year’s Plex conference, the industry-wide skills shortage was a common frustration. Many businesses are using Plex to automate processes that were previously done manually, enabling some shop-floor activities to be done with fewer people, allowing reallocation of resources throughout the company. ...

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PowerPlex 2017 - Innovation in Action

Jane Clabby May 17, 2017

As PowerPlex 2017 wraps up this week, I find myself reflecting on the many great conversations I had with smart, interesting people who are working on making things. I was surrounded by innovation — businesses making innovative products, organizations with a rich history that have continuously evolved by innovating over time, and people who are doing new and unique things with Plex to…

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For Plex Customers, the Future of Manufacturing is Now

Jane Clabby May 16, 2017

At this year’s PowerPlex 2017, participants were abuzz with ideas about where new technologies and emerging market trends will take them. I attended keynotes and break-out sessions and had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with individuals who “make things.” In doing so, I identified several common themes that provide insight into where manufacturing is headed and how customers will get there....

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The Connected Plant Floor – Automated and Efficient

Jane Clabby June 6, 2016

One of the things I liked best about the recent PowerPlex 2016 conference was hearing first-hand feedback from customers. Many stories centered on the increased productivity and efficiency that a connected plant floor offers and how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables that connectivity....

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