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Plex’s No BS Guide to Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Management
March 30, 2021
Supply Chain Planning for Dummies

Has your business struggled to keep up with the rapid changes of COVID-19 this past year?

In a “normal” year, does aligning your customer needs, demand, and inventory feel like a constant balancing act?

Is it difficult to unite your sales, marketing, finance, and operations teams around a plan in a single source of truth?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Supply Chain Planning is a complex topic and is often greatly undervalued.

Connected Supply Chain Planning Drives Value

They key to protecting your business when the unexpected happens is putting the right processes and technology in place to empower you to course correct and remain flexible. But where and how do you get started with Supply Chain Planning?

Look no further. We’ve written a straightforward guide to explain the value of Supply Chain Planning. In partnership with Wiley, publishers of the famous “For Dummies” book series, and Daniel Stanton, aka Mr. Supply Chain, we created “Supply Chain Planning For Dummies” to break it down and show how connected supply chain planning technology can take your business from reactive to proactive. We also share seven simple steps to get started on optimizing your supply chain and improving your inventory for a better bottom-line.

Who is it for?

This is a solid introductory guide for anyone looking to ...

  • Understand the difference between supply chain management vs supply chain planning
  • Understand why supply chain planning is critical to operating a business profitably
  • How to prepare for and lead a digital supply chain planning transformation
  • How to get the most value out of a connected supply chain planning solution

Of course, we know you’re no dummy. But you’ll walk away after reading this guide with the knowledge you need to put Supply Chain Planning into practice and the confidence to unite your business.

Get a preview of what's inside or download the report for yourself.

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