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Smarter, Together: What Does Influence Mean to Plex? (Part 1 of 4)

Smart Manufacturing, Smarter, Together
December 16, 2021
Manufacturers and Plex: Smarter, Together

Influence, at its core, is adapting behavior, products, and processes based on communication, information, and shared understanding. In order to influence and be influenced, you have to have a deep understanding - an empathy - for the audience. That comes from having walked a mile (or 20) in another person’s shoes. 

At Plex, we are manufacturers. Our founders birthed the company inside the four walls of a plant. They branched out of that manufacturing plant to start our software company. Our first team members were all manufacturers. Many of our current team members are manufacturers. I'm a manufacturer.

Plex is a product-led, customer driven company; that means that we have a vision, a mission, and a strategy. We clearly see the future and have a defined path and plan to meet it. But it also means that our vision and plan are not built or executed in a vacuum. Everything we do has our customers at the core. 

And so, manufacturers are our people, and our company exists for them. It only makes sense for us to listen as closely as possible to understand by engaging with our customers every day. This active listening shapes our approach, processes, and products. Our vision and decisions are only as good as the customer outcomes they enable, so we need our customers to help us drive the manufacturing sector forward.

Here are four essential ways we approach influence:

  • Focus on the customer, their business, and the outcomes. Tailor our approach, measures, and communication.
  • Listen to channels and people to understand our customers' needs and direction.
  • Share: The communication needs to be transparent and bi-directional and so we share our approach, strategy, metrics, and direction.
  • Engage in the everyday details. From requirements, to minor features, to QBRs w/customers, understand their goals and progress.

As it’s the time of year for reflection and renewal, our eyes are set on deepening our commitment to keeping customers at our core. Find out what’s coming next in the rest of our “Smarter, Together” blog post series resuming in 2022.

About the Author

Anthony Murphy Vice President; Head of Product Management, Application Group

Anthony is Vice President and head of Product Management for the Application group and is responsible for Plex's core customer facing products such as ERP, MES, and QMS. Prior to Plex, Anthony worked in manufacturing, holding a variety of roles across functions such as IT and software development, Logistics, Operations, and General Management. He has a deep passion for manufacturing and Plex's customers and engaging with them to solve key problems and deliver competitive advantages.