Mobility in Manufacturing: Connecting the Enterprise

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Mobile ERP technology and modern manufacturing means you no longer have to be onsite to ensure that everything is running as planned. You have visibility and control from a smartphone, or any browser-enabled device anytime, anywhere.

But mobility goes beyond the device.

The growth of wearable devices like smart glasses not only provides an inexpensive, hands-free experience to workers but also a level of connectivity that manufacturers have yet to really tap into. The production environment is increasingly being armed with sensors, RFID tags, beacons, Bluetooth, and other communication technologies that enable data sharing wirelessly, and this trend is only going to grow. Connecting shop floor equipment, machines, sensors, and smart products opens the opportunity for real-time insight into how operations are performing. These capabilities deliver even greater visibility to workflow, work center status, production status, inventory movement and machine data.

G&W Products provides world-class contract metal manufacturing to its customers and realized the power of mobile manufacturing after implementing the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. The company went from mostly manual, paper-based manufacturing operations to modern, lean, world-class production—completely transforming how it works, and making enterprise data available in a consolidated, digital single source of truth. Now employees, like the Director of IT, can make decisions, changes, or simply see what’s happening from their mobile devices.

This level of connectivity relies on the cloud as the foundation. All enterprise data—from plants, business units, and locations—are accessible beyond the four walls from anywhere in the world, 24x7x365, empowering manufacturers with total control from their fingertips.

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