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4th Annual State of Manufacturing Technology Report
White Paper
Download the report to discover how manufacturers are positioning their companies ahead of those with no technology modernization plans.
MES in the Cloud Demo
Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Product Demo, Video
Watch this demo to see how a manufacturing execution system (MES) can give you real-time production information, reduce errors, and boost efficiency and accuracy.
Effective Decision-Making in a World of Change and Disruption
Analyst Research, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
Sound decisions are key to success in navigating the complexities of manufacturing. Download this report to see benefits of integrating big data & ERP.
3 Ways to Solve the Manufacturing Headcount Shortage and Meet Customer Demand
White Paper
A major challenge in the manufacturing industry is building and maintaining a skilled workforce. Download this white paper to see how leading manufacturers are solving the headcount shortage problem.
Aerospace Manufacturing ERP Demo
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
Watch this short demo and see how to gain operational control to produce high-quality products. (4:15)
Aerospace Manufacturing ERP Demo
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
A timely demo shows how aerospace manufacturers do better in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Meet AS9100 Rev. C. mandates and improve processes across the enterprise.  
Metal Fabrication Manufacturing - ERP Demo
Product Demo, Precision Metalforming
Watch this demo to see how you can gain operational control, connect your business, and gain visibility. (4:16)
Industrial Manufacturing - ERP Software Demo
Product Demo, Industrial Manufacturing
Watch this quick demo and see how to ensure quality, reduce errors, and boost productivity. (4:16)
High Tech and Electronics - ERP Demo
Product Demo, High Tech and Electronics
Watch this quick demo and see how to ensure quality, compliance, and operational control. (4:15)
Why Multi-Tenant SaaS Matters for Manufacturing
Analyst Research
Download this analyst report to see why multi-tenant SaaS solutions deliver competitive advantages to manufacturing businesses that hosted or hybrid cloud solutions can’t.
Get More Out of Your ERP With Analytics
Your manufacturing ERP and MES systems generate tons of data and reports on the “whats” and “hows” of your operations. These reports, however, only tell you what happened. You need an analytics tool that tells you why things are happening - so you c...
How Analytics, Dashboards, and Intelligence are Transforming Manufacturing
Cloud ERP Technology, White Paper
Discover how cloud ERP can improve your manufacturing intelligence by providing real-time analytics and more. Click here.
Plex Systems: The System of Record for Leading Manufacturers
Whether you manufacture automotive interiors to metal components to chocolate, see why leading manufacturing companies run on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
IntelliPlex Financial Analytics Application
Big Data, Manufacturing Intelligence, Data Sheet
Look at the financial health of the business through a collection of KPIs including revenue, gross profit, cost of goods sold, invoices, margins, receivables aging, payables aging, and more.
Eight “Must Have” ERP Features for Food Processors
White Paper, Food and Beverage
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud serves up one-up/one-back traceability, document management, and recipe management. Processors can’t miss this informative white paper.
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
The Plex Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution allows you to resolve costly manufacturing resource conflicts, improve on-time-delivery performance with Capable-to-Promise functionality, and easily explore alternatives with complex "what if" ...
7 ERP Selection and Implementation Tips
eBook, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Discover 7 ERP selection and implementation tips from successful industry leaders.
Product Data Management for Manufacturers in the Cloud
White Paper
Download this white paper and learn how product data management can help you convert design information into manufacturing operations so everyone is in sync.
Embrace the Forces of Change
Manufacturers must balance continuous internal improvements with strategic company goals. But the best manufacturers are aware of an additional set of drivers. Download the eBook to learn more.
Is Your ERP Controlling Your Shop Floor?
White Paper
Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.
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