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Plex by the Numbers: Quality for the Automotive Industry
Brochure, Automotive
The real cost of quality is the price you pay for not having it. That’s what our automotive customers tell us. Check out the numbers they associate with quality in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
Plex Education Services
Data Sheet
Incorporating ERP into your manufacturing business can have a significant impact on everyone who touches the software. Learn how to leverage ERP to be more efficient and effective.
How Hausbeck Pickles Manages & Supplies Inventory for Demanding Fast Food Chains
Video, Food and Beverage
Inventory Control is a top priority for all manufacturers. See how Hausbeck Pickles is able to manage inventory in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (1:27)
Plex Helps Hausbeck Pickles Deliver on Their Promise of Quality
Video, Food and Beverage
Pickle and Pepper manufacturer, Hausbeck Pickles, knows how to make a quality product. Discover why they trust the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to ensure quality in every product they sell. (1:33)
How Hausbeck Pickles Exceeds Expectations of the Largest Fast Food Companies
Video, Food and Beverage
Watch this video to learn how Hausbeck Pickles and Peppers continue to exceed the expectations of the largest fast-food companies in the world. (1:33)
Hausbeck Pickles Trusts Their Family Business with Plex
Video, Food and Beverage
See why Tim Hausbeck trusts his family name and business in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (2:58)
Plex Enhanced Business Continuity
Data Sheet
See how Plex Enhanced Business Continuity services can help you with drive more uptime and revenue opportunities.
IntelliPlex Advanced Analytics - Demo
Product Demo, Video
IntelliPlex allows secured and untethered access to your business data—anytime, anywhere. (4:08)
American Axle Manufacturing: Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decision-Making Across the Business
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Find out how Plex helped American Axle Manufacturing (AAM), a multi-billion dollar Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, improve in inventory turns with a positive impact on cash flow, retain a lean IT team, increase manufacturing output, and...
Ralco Industries Improves Quality, Reduces Costs
Customer Success Story, Precision Metalforming
This automotive stamper reduced annual premium freight costs by 20 percent and scrap rates by 60 percent. Read about its quick ROI.
Clips & Clamps: Automotive Stamper Replaces Six Disparate Systems With Comprehensive Cloud ERP
Customer Success Story, Automotive
No more hassles. Moving from six separate systems to a single Cloud ERP pays off. A timely case study shares details.
Intelliplex Procurement and Spend Analytics
Data Sheet
ERP systems for manufacturing collect incredible amounts of data. You need a pre-configured interactive dashboard, built on a cloud analytic platform that helps with responsive decision-making from any device.
Plex Industrial IoT
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Data Sheet
Discover how the Plex Industrial IoT solution can help you visualize what’s happening in work cells to increase performance and productivity.
Two-Tier ERP for Discrete Manufacturers
Manufacturers today are subject to ever-increasing quality, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Plex offers industry-leading quality and manufacturing agility through a cost-effect cloud business model for discrete manufacturing organizations.
Two-Tier ERP for Enterprise Manufacturers
To keep up with fluctuating demand and price pressure from competitors, manufacturers who run large enterprises need global insight in real time to ensure operational excellence at the plant-level.
Education Services Live Training
Data Sheet
Learn more about our live training offerings including Plex UX Book Camp, On-Site Training, and Custom End User Training.
Education Services All Access Pass
Data Sheet
With Plex's All-Access Pass, you have expanded access to the Plex Education Portal.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
White Paper, Automotive
What is OEE and why is it important? It’s a metric that helps reduce loss of production time and increases production. Learn more here.
ERP Mobility and Smart Manufacturing
Listen to this podcast to discover why manufacturers should consider a cloud ERP solution.
Quality Management
Data Sheet
Product quality is the price of entry to comply with consumer demands and regulatory requirements in today’s global markets. As products and processes become more complex, continuous efforts to reduce cost, increase transparency, and support stringe...
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