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The State of Manufacturing Technology Report 2016
White Paper
Learn from 200 global manufacturers that are improving plant productivity, process improvements and product quality with new technologies that are transforming their operations.
7 ERP Selection and Implementation Tips
eBook, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Discover 7 ERP selection and implementation tips from successful industry leaders.
The State of Manufacturing Technology, 2015
White Paper
Discover how cloud drives adoption of wearable and mobile devices on the shop floor, fuels manufacturing productivity and unleashes innovation.
Product Data Management for Manufacturers in the Cloud
White Paper
Download this white paper and learn how product data management can help you convert design information into manufacturing operations so everyone is in sync.
Embrace the Forces of Change
Manufacturers must balance continuous internal improvements with strategic company goals. But the best manufacturers are aware of an additional set of drivers. Download the eBook to learn more.
Is Your ERP Controlling Your Shop Floor?
White Paper
Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.
Plex Cloud Operations
Data Sheet
See how Plex Cloud Operations protects your data and provides industry-leading security and world-class software delivery for your manufacturing business.
IntelliPlex Sales Analytic Application
Data Sheet
View sales performance of the business through a collection of KPIs including net sales, order by product mix, order fill rate, customer lead time, customer retention index, and more.
A SaaS Primer
White Paper
Manufacturers do better in the cloud. See how the SaaS or cloud model works for you. Avoid costly hardware, licenses and complex version upgrades.
A&K Delivers Superior Quality with Plex
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing exceeds customer quality expectations with lower scrap rates, driving continuous improvement, and using real-time information from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:53)
How Plex Improves Accuracy for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing accurately measures paint depletion with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:57)
How Plex Impacts Business Processes for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
Prior to Plex, A&K Finishing experienced siloed divisions and hours of calculating data. Now, the company achieves improved processes and continuous innovation with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:58)
A&K Finishing Achieves Improved Inventory Management with Plex
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing eliminated manual inventory processes, reducing workload and saving time with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, enabling them to communicate to customers more effectively and account for every piece that comes in the door. (1:01)
How Plex Improves Efficiency for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing better understands operations and processes, recording production and managing data from a centralized location out of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (3:08)
FT Precision: Improved Efficiences and "One-Truth" in Numbers
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Learn why automotive components manufacturer FT Precision partnered with Plante Moran to transform their business with the implementation of Plex. Moving from paper-based processes to software-driven integrated processes has given FT Precision insta...
Accuride Successfully Executes Growth Strategy with Help of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Accuride Corporation, a leading supplier of wheels and wheel-end components, was spending more time gather data than making decisions with it. They needed a single source of the truth and selected Plex because it was purpose-built for manufacturers....
Shape Corp.: Real Time ERP Agility from Plex Enables Rapid Global Expansion
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Integration makes all the difference. Replacing disparate systems means improved productivity and quality. Read all about it.
Plex Mobile
Plex Mobile is a purpose-built manufacturing application that extends the Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP and MES functionalities and puts that visibility and control into the hands of your shop floor employees.
Intuitive Mobile Shop Floor App for Manufacturers
Product Demo, Video
See how the Plex Mobile app gives your shop floor employees the power of enterprise control and information sharing at their fingertips. (3:20)
Plex Customer Care Support Programs
Plex Customer Care offers every customer flexible care and support options tailored to your business needs.
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