5 ERP Upgrade Challenges and How to Eliminate Them
White Paper
Download this white paper to understand why running old versions of ERP software is a dead-end solution.
ERP Traceability: Beyond the Hype
White Paper
It’s more than hype. This paper highlights traceability features to improve quality and maintain compliance with mandates.
Plex Professional Services
The Plex Professional Services organization makes deploying the Plex Manufacturing Cloud easier for you. Our success depends entirely on your success. That’s why we focus our efforts on a successful outcome based on your expectations.
Human Capital Management - Demo
Product Demo, Video, Precision Metalforming
Empower your employees, manage skill sets, and accurately track time and attendance for payroll calculations through flexible workforce management. (4:32)
Demo for Industrial Manufacturing
Product Demo, Industrial Manufacturing
Get a look at the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. See how intuitive dashboards display production records. Improve quality with easy to use features and traceability.  
The Power of Inventory Control: Real-Time Inventory Tracking
White Paper
Cut inventory costs and improve accuracy. A timely white paper shares tips for improved inventory control.
In the Plex Labs: Realwear Headset feat. Microsoft Luis
Plex leverages the power of Microsoft Luis and the RealWear headset to demonstrate the future of hands-free technology. (2:00)
IntelliPlex Human Capital Management Analytics
Eliminate the complexity of reporting with IntelliPlex, a pre-configured interactive dashboard, built on a cloud analytic platform.
ERP for Plastics & Rubber Manufacturers
Plastics and rubber manufacturers constantly deal with volatility of raw materials costs and ever-increasing price competition. Learn how Plex can help you consistently deliver high-quality products efficiently.
Plex for Precision Metalforming and Fabrication
Data Sheet, Precision Metalforming
Discover how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables Precision Metalformers and Fabricators to keep production operating at top efficiency.
Plex Manufacturing ERP: Advanced Scheduling & Planning Software Demo
Product Demo, Video
Planning and Scheduling within the Plex Manufacturing Cloud links a dynamic production resource plan with finite scheduling and production dispatch to suit many different planning scenarios. (5:17)
LNS Research Spotlight: Roadmap to Supplier Status
Analyst Research
Download this report by LNS Research to learn why a proactive risk strategy is a key competitive differentiator.
A&K Finishing Manages Explosive Growth, Greater Efficiency with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Customer Success Story
See how A&K Finishing consolidated and automated processes on the shop floor that resulted in nearly 100% inventory accuracy, and more.
The Curious Path to Industry 4.0
White Paper
Outpace your slow-adopting competitors by embracing Industry 4.0. But first, you’ll need to make sure your IT infrastructure is up to the challenge.
The Four Compass Points for Quality Managers
Quality Management, Brochure
Read how to put your organization head of the competition with a closed-loop quality management strategy.
Connected Manufacturing is Here
The forces of change in manufacturing may well uncover some challenges in different areas of your enterprise. Turn your challenges into opportunities for better agility, competitiveness, and operational efficiency.
Connected Manufacturing for Automotive Suppliers
Cross-organizational connectivity and alignment are mandatory to ensure business agility and responsiveness. As a result, organizations are turning their attention to manufacturing ERP solutions with built-in MES to help gain competitive advantage a...
Connected Manufacturing for Increased Agility and Visibility
Increasingly complex requirements from your customers means you need to be more flexible and agile than ever. Our customers know that the only way to sustain success is to connect their manufacturing business-to gain visibility and control.
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