IDC: Discrete MES Report 2016 Vendor Assessment
Analyst Research
IDC positioned Plex Systems as a “major player” among six manufacturing execution system (MES) vendors in this IDC MarketScape, noting that Plex is a U.S.-based cloud ERP player with manufacturing processes at the heart of its value proposition.
6 Ways Error-Proofing Protects Your Shop Floor
Manufacturing Execution System (MES), eBook
Discover how MES provides value and protects the manufacturing shop floor.
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Find out how MES within the Plex Manufacturing Cloud allows you to better coordinate production with the rest of your business, and also be more proactive in delivering quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner.
Eurotranciatura Mexico
Customer Success Story, Automotive, Precision Metalforming
See how Eurotranciatura achieved nearly 99 percent inventory accuracy on Plex.
Why Manufacturers Choose Cloud ERP Solution Plex
Video, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
Plex delivers robust ERP manufacturing software solutions developed by manufacturing experts obsessed with continuous innovation and customer success. Plex Manufacturing Cloud connects every manufacturing operation in the cloud to give you complete...
Plante Moran Scores with Ongoing Succesful ERP Implementations
Video, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
At Powerplex, Plante Moran, a leading global implementer of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud talks about how the ERP system from Plex has helped their business to successfully lead implementations for start-ups through global, multi-locations companies....
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Plex's Cloud ERP Data Center
Cloud ERP Technology, Cloud Security, Video
Discover the value of true cloud computing with lower costs, infinite scalability and reliability you can trust.
Real Cloud ERP
Cloud ERP Manufacturing, Video, Aerospace
How do you know if your ERP is a true cloud solution? Learn how to steer clear of cloud ERP pretenders and understand the advantages of true, native cloud solutions for your manufacturing enterprise.
The Plex ERP User Experience
Cloud ERP Technology, Cloud Security, Video
Plex has reimagined the ERP user experience by connecting the people, devices, and machines by creating the right interface for the right role.
Ask a Customer: What are Some of the Results of Your WCI Program?
Video, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
GR Spring & Stamping's employees implemented continuous improvement ideas, saving them $1.2 million.
Manufacturing Software Designed to Help You Make What's Next
Video, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
From imagination to design, engineering and creation, Plex helps companies deliver innovative products that make life better.
Achieve Operational Excellence with ERP Software Built For Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers
Video, Aerospace
Plex offers IT freedom and operational excellence to meet the needs of aerospace & defense suppliers.
Ask a Customer: What Are Some of the Benefits From Implementing Your WCI Program?
Video, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
With Plex, GR Spring & Stamping's employees generated a total of 8,450 implemented continuous improvement ideas.
Enterprise Management ERP System Product Demo
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
Product Demo for Enterprise Management ERP System designed for organizations with multi-site manufacturing operations that want to more efficiently manage their financial and supply chain processes with scalability, visibility and control.
Plex Master Scheduling
Data Sheet, Aerospace, Precision Metalforming
Find out how Plex can help you make informed decisions about what to produce, how much to produce, when to produce, and set realistic expectations with customers.
How to Comply with Rev. C.: Aerospace Best Practices
White Paper, Aerospace
Learn from an aerospace industry expert. Detailed paper shares how to comply with Rev. C. mandates by tapping into the power of ERP automation.
Why Supply Chain Integration and Visibility Is the Future for Manufacturers
White Paper, Aerospace
Find out how cloud ERP delivers effective sourcing and a scalable supply chain for manufacturers.
Business Intelligence Tools - Product Demo
Manufacturing Intelligence, Big Data, Product Demo
The Plex business intelligence tools puts real-time data in your hands, so you can gain valuable business insights, and make smarter decisions for your manufacturing organization.
Powerful Shop Floor Control with Plex Production Management
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
See how to manage complexity with efficient scheduling and a Control Panel that gives you real-time visibility all the way to your shop floor equipment.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Suppliers & Purchasing Collaboration
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
Plex's Supply Chain Management allows for advanced production planning and scheduling. Collaborate with your suppliers for proactive supply chain execution.
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