Connect the Business to Everything

Connect the Business to Everything

Streamlined communication, collaboration, and connectivity.

Connect your extended supply chain—including employees, suppliers, and customers—as well as your top floor with the shop floor for a unified view of your business. Extend and connect Plex smart manufacturing technology to co-exist with your existing IT applications and systems.

Plex's ERP system integration uniquely ties together people, technologies, and machines to provide a complete and connected view of your manufacturing business.

  • Connect the business with data generated by everyone and everything.
  • Enable real-time monitoring of shop floor automation.
  • Improve efficiency with context-aware, hands-free mobility to operators.
  • Reduce manual data re-entry and ease data consolidation.
  • Eliminate multiple EDI vendors, connections, and contracts.
  • Isolate and respond to issues before they result in excessive waste.
  • Deploy as a plant-level manufacturing system with your existing corporate ERP.
  • Maximize ROI by integrating with various point solutions.
  • Build custom solutions with Plex as a foundation platform.