Control the Shop Floor

Control the Shop Floor

Real-time visibility and control at the manufacturing moment.

Manage your production in real time with a manufacturing execution system (MES) that delivers high-resolution traceability and embedded data-driven quality management for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Legacy ERP systems weren’t designed for the rigorous production requirements that manufacturers demand today. Plex MES gives you real-time production management so you have greater control with up-to-the-minute manufacturing data. The result is end-to-end visibility for more effective inventory manage as well as closed-loop quality control processes to ensure first time quality and on-time delivery.

  • Increase production yield/throughput.
  • Minimize operator errors, save time, and increase accuracy.
  • Operationalize quality control plans.
  • Reduce scrap/waste and minimize returns.
  • Respond automatically to statistical process control (SPC) data.
  • Maximize uptime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Enhance inventory accuracy and traceability.
  • Improve inventory turns and reduce inventory carrying costs.
  • Access accurate work-in-process costing information.
  • Reduce time for audits, respond to recalls quickly, and mitigate risks.