Plex Delivers ERP Satisfaction

Customers for Life

With an industry-leading renewal rate of 97%, Plex proudly supports 2017+ plants in 22 countries.

  • Using a subscription-based delivery model, Plex must continually win our customers’ business. Our 97% renewal rate is evidence that Plex customers love their Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
  • Plex takes customer service to new heights — it’s built into our DNA. We understand that the more you use Plex across your company, the greater your return on investment, so we don’t charge by the seat. We also provide free user log-ins to your supply chain partners for even greater system usage and productivity gains.
  • Plex puts your success first. We include a base level of customer support as part of the annual subscription fee to ensure you get the help you need.
  • Plex is proud to play a role in our customers’ success. We encourage our customers to talk to each other, exchange information and tell us how we can better serve your needs through built-in forums and a community platform.