Flexible ERP Implementation & Easy Accessibility

Intuitive User Experience

Your users will love the modern, consistent Plex user interface, accessible from any Internet-connected device.

  • Plex is built from the ground up on a single framework and single environment — not patched together from multiple acquired technologies.
  • Plex is built on a single, consistent user interface design based on modern web application standards, eliminating the frustrations users face with clunky legacy interfaces.
  • Plex provides users with a flexible, intuitive role-based experience that makes them more productive, reduces training and increases visibility across the enterprise. Menus, descriptions, and terminology can be tailored to maximize productivity and familiarity.
  • With Plex, users can access their ERP system from any device connected to the Internet. Regardless of browser type, version or screen size, Plex is always available.


Can “Easy” Really Be Built Into ERP Software?

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