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Food & Beverage ERP

Learn why an ERP is critical for manufacturing in the food and beverage industry, and how Plex can provide a single source of truth for everyone from your top floor to your shop floor.

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Manufacturing food and beverage products can be a complex process. Not only do producers need to keep up with inventory, packaging changes, price fluctuations, and supply chain management, but they must also remain compliant with industry statutory, safety, and environmental regulations. Plex’s food and beverage ERP software provides enterprise-wide visibility for food and beverage manufacturers, enabling total control of the manufacturing process.

What is it?

Food and beverage ERP enables manufacturers to take a holistic view of their manufacturing process, allowing them to manage their operations more efficiently and improve their decision-making capabilities based on real-time data and actionable insights. Food and beverage ERP helps streamline manufacturing processes such as inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management, to name a few. It also helps companies track and analyze data across manufacturing processes to help inform decisions and improve performance.

Benefits of F&B ERP

Food and beverage ERP provides manufacturers with a wide range of benefits. These benefits include:

Quality Management

One of the key features of food and beverage ERP is the full traceability of ingredients across the entire manufacturing process, from supplier to shipping. Pair this with a holistic view of the operations, and food and beverage manufacturers maintain the quality of their products to protect their brand reputation.

Supply Chain Planning

Food and beverage manufacturers need to be able to adjust production to meet the fluctuating demands of customers. Food and beverage ERP provides manufacturers with the ability to accurately forecast demands and adjust inventory levels to reduce waste and losses.

Production Control

In food and beverage manufacturing, producers need to be acutely aware of any date-controlled inventory and ingredients, the need for which can fluctuate with demand. With food and beverage ERP solutions, producers can easily control their production to meet fluctuating demands while minimizing losses on date-controlled inventory.

Compliance and Safety

Every food and beverage manufacturer knows just how important it is to remain compliant with all health and safety regulations. Food and beverage ERP software allows producers to streamline their checks and audits, perform mandatory quality checks with ease, and run mock audits in mere minutes rather than days. Additionally, should any affected products be shipped, with an end-to-end food and beverage ERP service, producers can quickly identify the affected products and immediately notify distributors and customers.

Applications in F&B Manufacturing

Our food and beverage ERP solutions are agile and scalable, allowing them to align with the specific needs of various F&B segments. Segments that can benefit from our food and beverage ERP software include:

Food Ingredients

Manufacturers of food ingredients need to be acutely aware of the quality of their products to ensure food safety. End-to-end traceability provides them with the ability to monitor their products across the manufacturing process and easily identify issues, should they arise.

Prepared Foods

Prepared food manufacturers have large inventories of date-controlled products, which require strict monitoring of ingredients. Ingredient traceability with Plex F&B ERP enables prepared food manufacturers to track production from end to end and to ensure the quality of their products.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food producers need to be able to adjust their production to meet the fluctuating demand of customers. With F&B ERP software from Plex, manufacturers can easily increase or decrease production, mitigating both risk and loss of product.

Snack Foods

Snack food manufacturers need to be able to adjust to meet changing customer demands and fill rates. Plex F&B ERP solutions provide manufacturers with complete visibility and control over the manufacturing process, enabling them to increase or decrease production while limiting food waste.

Dairy and Ice Cream

Dairy producers must adhere to strict industry regulations to ensure the quality and safety of their products. F&B ERP provides the dairy industry with the ability to oversee the entire dairy product manufacturing process, from milk procurement to chilling center management, enabling total control for quality assurance.

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

Producers of meat, poultry, and seafood products need to ensure end-to-end compliance across the entire production chain, from livestock procurement and processing to storing and shipping. F&B ERP provides complete visibility over the production lifecycle, mitigating food safety risks with protein products.


For commercial bakers, quality control and ingredient traceability are integral to delivering baked goods of the highest quality. Plex F&B ERP solutions offer total ingredient traceability, from supplier to shipping, to ensure compliance regulations and quality thresholds are exceeded every time.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private label manufacturing comes with a host of unique challenges, including managing a multitude of formulas and standards. Plex food and beverage ERP software provides tracking, analysis, and quality management.


Confectionary manufacturing involves a varied assortment of recipes and customizations, and ingredients must constantly be tracked for safety and traceability. Food and beverage ERP enables confectionery manufacturers to track ingredients end-to-end in the production process to ensure quality and safety.


Beverage manufacturing moves fast as new flavors and recipes pop up with increasing frequency. Food and beverage ERP solutions provide producers with complete visibility over the production process, helping to identify waste, compliance, or inefficiency issues quickly.

Pet Food

Like all F&B manufacturers, producers of pet foods need to adhere to industry standards and meet regulation thresholds. Plex F&B ERP solutions provide pet food manufacturers with the visibility and maneuverability to remain compliant and mitigate risks.

Food & Beverage ERP Compliance

As previously mentioned, one of the key benefits of food and beverage ERP is that it enables manufacturers to remain compliant with industry rules and regulations intended to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. Some FDA compliance initiatives include:

Hazardous and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Compliance

This initiative requires F&B manufacturers to identify any potential hazards that might exist in the production process. They must also develop a plan that establishes control points to capture and control those hazards should they arise.

FSMA Compliance

The Food Safety and Modernization Act is intended to prevent food safety problems before they occur. It requires every F&B manufacturing facility to develop and implement a food defense plan.

CGMP Compliance

The Current Good Manufacturing Practices provide guidance for F&B manufacturers, such as maintaining facility cleanliness, to ensure that processed foods are safe for human consumption.

Plex Food & Beverage ERP Software Solutions

Plex Food and Beverage ERP software offers F&B manufacturers the ability to take complete control over the manufacturing process. Easily track ingredients from supply to shipping, adjust production to meet fluctuating demand, and ensure all health and safety regulations are met, all from a single platform. Explore the Plex ERP system today to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is food and beverage ERP?

    Food and beverage ERP refers to software solutions used in food and beverage manufacturing that allow producers to control their end-to-end manufacturing process. Insights gained through food and beverage ERP solutions can help to inform decisions, such as adjusting supply to meet fluctuating demand, and maintain the quality of ingredients across the entire process. 

  • How does food and beverage ERP work?

    Food and beverage ERP solutions connect the entire manufacturing process into a single system that can be accessed across the business. This provides F&B manufacturers with the ability to adjust quickly, certify processes are performing as intended, and ensure safety regulations are being met across the entire production process.

  • What are the benefits of food and beverage ERP?

    Benefits of food and beverage ERP include end-to-end production visibility and control, enhanced ingredient and product quality control, and assurance of statutory compliance.