Human Resources Modules

Better manage your employees with advanced human resources management features and deep functionality.

Take advantage of time and attendance labor tracking using traditional time clocks, badges or biometric devices to automatically generate data files for payroll services.

Track and manage employee disciplinary actions, expenses and reimbursements, time off, and health and safety incidents to ensure your business remains compliant with regulatory requirements. Collect employee suggestions and manage performance review schedules to prepare your business for growth.

Applicant Tracking

  • Track and manage job applicants as they move through the hiring process so you hire the best for your manufacturing business
  • Track full details of applicants along with their interview schedule and notes as they move through the hiring workflow to make informed decisions in building your workforce
  • Attach scanned applications, resumes and other documents using the universal attachment system (UAS) for creating a full electronic document trail in your hiring

Badge Printing

  • Print user ID badges, with optional barcode for quick log-in ability

Disclosure Log (HIPAA)

  • Track and log disclosures related to confidentiality agreements, legal proceedings and especially medical record disclosures for HIPAA compliance

Expense Tracking and Reimbursements

  • Enter and track company expenditures and reimbursement requests for expenses such as travel and education
  • Attach images of receipts and other supporting documentation for expedited processing of expense claims
  • Review, approve or deny reimbursements via a workflow system

Employee Review System

  • Set up, document and manage employee reviews to nurture and improve your workforce

Employee Suggestion System

  • Allow employees to enter suggestions for quality and safety improvements, cost savings and so on right from their desktop or workcenter in real time
  • Track status of suggestions, management responses and planned actions for comprehensive tracking and reporting

Grievance Log

  • Track union or other grievance issues as well as actions taken against them

Health/Safety Incident Tracking

  • Track special events related to health, safety and the environment, including hazardous material spills and results of safety walkthroughs

Injury Tracking

  • Maintain a history of all injuries for active and inactive employees
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements from agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Manage worker compensation and internal time-loss tracking

Point System

  • Record employee attendance infractions for a holistic employee review process

Time and Attendance Labor Tracking

  • Track the time and attendance, and hence cost, of employees by products, jobs and operations
  • Track tardiness, vacation, funeral time and other special attendance issues
  • Configure custom business rules for calculating regular, overtime and double pay

Time Clock Payroll Interface

  • Process raw labor tracking data into a format suitable for periodic download to a payroll package or service
  • Export reviewed payroll data to an external payroll service such as ADP or Paychex

Time Off Tracking

  • Manage employee time away from work using a request/approval workflow system
  • Manage the balance of hours available to an employee and the allocation of balances

Travel Log

  • Maintain a travel log with related employee expenses and activities

Work Calendar

  • Create and maintain a calendar and history of scheduled work shifts