Centralized Sales Modules

Centralize sales order, credit checking and price management for all connected entities of your enterprise for efficiency and control.

Make it easy for your customers to work with your enterprise for centralized, streamlined and efficient sales orders management execution and escalations handling.

Centralized Catalog Pricing

  • Maintain one centralized catalog price list for all items across the enterprise
  • Make the centralized catalog pricing available to connected entities, giving them a choice to use localized or centralized pricing
  • Manage discount levels and currencies for the catalog price list at the central location

Consolidated Credit Management

  • Negotiate and enforce enterprise-wide credit limits with your customers, no matter which connected entity is fulfilling the order
  • Perform credit checks at the enterprise level across currencies, for your geographically distributed plants
  • Include open AR balances across entities for the customer to perform more accurate credit checks in real-time

Centralized Order Entry

  • Accept sales orders from customers in one centralized location, even though your connected entities will fulfill these orders
  • Negotiate terms with your customers at the enterprise level for more effective credit and fund management
  • Provide a single point of contact to your customers for all sales order related communication and escalations
  • Using an integrated view of the inventory and production capacity and availability, decide which entity will be responsible for different line items of the sales order
  • Provide a restricted yet comprehensive view of the sales order line item to responsible entity for a line item for planning and fulfillment