Developer Portal: ERP APIs, Adapters & Connectors | Plex

Developer Portal

Learn more about Plex ERP APIs, adapters, and connectors.

Integrate things, people, and applications with Plex to solve for real-life problems that are unique to your business; and collaborate and socialize your development experiences.

API Management

  • Get secure access to Plex APIs and documentation. Access the developer portal here:
  • Stay informed as the APIs library continues to grow as new functionality gets introduced.
  • Get secure access to Plex adapters, logically bundled sets of ERP APIs based on industry best practices and market needs, along with documented usage patterns.
  • Learn more about various Plex connectors – point-to-point integrated solutions with specific external applications – that you can subscribe to.

Connected Ecosystem

  • Use Plex APIs to securely (OAuth2) access Plex data – anytime anywhere – with scalability & performance.
  • Develop innovative custom integrations delivering differentiated experiences with custom manufacturing APIs.
  • Connect people, applications and things for an orchestrated business process execution and sharing of information.

Best Practices and Sample Codes

  • Take advantage of fully documented APIs and code samples, in multiple programming languages including Curl, C#, Java, JavaScript, ObjC, PHP, Python and Ruby.
  • Learn more about API usage and other tips & tricks in the Help section.
  • Get a jump-start by accessing sample applications in Github.
  • Blog unique application usages, development experiences, learnings, code snippets, short-cuts, best practices, and expertise with the rest of the Plex online user community.