Integration Platform

Connect Plex and external systems with complete integrity through modern standards, and maintain full secure access to your data at all times.

Data Integrity

  • Database calls are vetted through stored procedures to ensure business logic and database rules are always followed.
  • Full referential integrity is maintained through the use of foreign keys.
  • The Plex Integration Platform processes over a million transactions a day for hundreds of customers.

Open Standards

  • Plex provides complete access via a bi-directional SOAP API, which uses standard web services to connect to third-party applications.
  • Plex provides support for Java or .NET, internal PHP websites, and ROR.
  • Integration can even be extended to plant floor machines and equipment to further improve data quality and efficiency.
  • Plex provides embedded EDI capability so customers don’t need to rely on additional third-party tools for supply chain collaboration.

System Transparency

  • All Plex-created stored procedures are dynamically documented within rich visual mapping tools accessible directly from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
  • Database and table relationships can be dynamically queried.