Administrative Services Modules

Centralize system administration to take control of your system — and your business.

The Administrative Services module delivers a collection of common services and tools that enable communications and collaboration across the enterprise, manage permissions and access, manage personalization, display layout report formats and more.

Activity/Task Manager

  • The task management system is embedded with other Plex modules, to coordinate and track company and individual activities.
  • Set up management and business areas within an organization.

Automatic Email Notification

  • Configure the system to automatically notify pre-set users when specified events occur.

Broadcast Email

  • Send emails to varied and large groups of recipients.

Building List

  • Create and maintain a master list of buildings.
  • Associate suppliers, customers and users with specific plants or buildings.

Bulletin Board

  • Display general-purpose notifications to advise users of updates, changes and events.
  • Upload documents for review and notification.
  • Display bulletins to employees as well as external users via customer and supplier portals.

Checklist System

  • Define, execute and refine checklists (sets of discrete tasks which need to be done to prepare for or complete a project): for example, advanced product quality planning (APQP), team feasibility, non-production-related business processes and more.
  • Assign checklist item descriptions, responsible personnel and departments, due dates and other tracking attributes.
  • Send reminder emails to users or their supervisors when assigned checklist items have not been completed by their due dates.
  • Optionally require electronic sign-offs for checklist sections.

Communication Log

  • Maintain a historical log of communication with all contacts, customers, suppliers or visitors.

Contact Management

  • Create a shared electronic corporate directory of contacts including customers and suppliers.
  • Access contact information including phone, fax and email addresses directly from other modules such as customer and supplier details or purchase orders.

Corporate Structure

  • Identify groups, divisions and other company organizational structures to create a visual, logo-driven display of the corporate structure.


  • Centrally manage currency-related functions across business units and business processes entities.


  • Verify and inspect senders, recipients and content of automatically logged outgoing system-generated emails.

Favorites Manager

  • Choose screens and menus to place in your personal Favorites list to take advantage of one-click navigation to favorites from anywhere in the menu structure.
  • Easily navigate to the menu systems of sister companies in a multi-instance environment.
  • If authorized, directly access system setup and configuration functionality
  • If authorized, access VisionPlex design controls.


  • Subscribe to any number of specialized forums to receive news on system enhancements, events, training opportunities or news.
  • Get expert help from Plex Manufacturing Cloud developers, experts, users and partners.
  • Network with Plex Manufacturing Cloud users and participate in regional Plex Manufacturing Cloud User Groups.

General Localization

  • Centrally manage localization across the system.


  • Customize the terminology displayed on user interfaces throughout the system.
  • Enhance multiple language support.

Hours Tracking

  • Track internal labor hours and costs for professional services organizations.

Integrated Faxing

  • Transmit high-quality fax documents directly from on-screen reports.
  • Confirm if the fax was successful via automatic email, or by viewing the log, which reports all faxes and their transmission success or failure

IP Address Control

  • Enhance security by controlling the IP addresses and network subnets from which Plex Manufacturing Cloud logins are allowed.

Meeting Minutes

  • Maintain a searchable history of meetings, meeting minutes and attached documents.


  • Draft, preview and schedule special pop-up messages using a rich text editor and embedded images.
  • Specify general announcement messages to pop-up after login.
  • Optionally restrict pop-ups to specific screens or selected users, groups or roles, including customers and suppliers accessing the system via portals.
  • Optionally require and track user acknowledgement of a displayed message.

Multiple Languages

  • Control which languages are displayed on user interfaces.
  • Provide and customize lexicons for any and all languages used by your workforce, including those that use double-byte character sets.
  • Specify the default language for each company in your enterprise as well as each individual user.
  • Switch to alternate language displays on the fly.

Permission Manager

  • Centrally set and manage highly granular user access controls at the menu, record and field level.

Security Roles

  • Easily manage large sets of security permissions based on combinations of user responsibility, authority, position and training.

Setup Tables

  • Define custom attributes such as type, status and classification that appear in drop-down and picker lists throughout the system.
  • Set flags such as “Active” or “Allow Order” on setup data records to directly control system behavior related to data conditions.

Standard Agreement Text

  • Create and maintain common sets of rich text used throughout the system, such as legal text “boilerplates” on purchase orders, shipping documents and quotes.

Team/Group Setup

  • Define a team or group, which can be easily selected for assignment in workflows, checklists and email notifications.
  • Groups can be individually configured to allow users to add or remove themselves or to reserve membership control for the group’s owner or champion.


  • Centrally define and manage units of measure used throughout the system.

User Manager

  • Add, modify and de-activate users.
  • Grant access to external users such as suppliers and customers.
  • Enable users to maintain their own personal data such as name, email address, phone numbers to reduce administrative overhead in large or highly dynamic organizations.

User Support

  • Record, update, prioritize, track and collaborate on user support requests (USRs).
  • Launch a support request with one click from any screen.
  • Configure default responsibilities for responding to support requests. System administrators can triage requests to control, which should be addressed internally or escalated to Plex Systems responsibility.
  • Broadcast automatic alerts to all Plex Manufacturing Cloud support personnel to ensure rapid response to mission-critical system issues.
  • Track status, progress and responsibility assignment of requests through the highly configurable support management interface.
  • Request, define and track system enhancements directly from the USR system.

Visitor Log

  • Track visitors coming in and out of your buildings.
  • Display an interactive visitor kiosk in your lobby to register visitors.
  • Maintain visitor log data including optional proof of identification for security and recordkeeping.