Document Management System

Create a culture of collaboration with our centralized document storage system.

Store, edit and share any type of electronic file across your entire business while still being able to limit access to important corporate governance documents.

Document Management System

  • Centrally store, edit, track and view documents online.
  • Store documents on Plex Systems servers, or point to files on your own network or local device.
  • Download and use documentation from any location while avoiding multiple conflicting versions.
  • Control document management processes with a comprehensive electronic approval and revision tracking system.
  • Store virtually any type of electronic file including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML.
  • Control your compliance procedures, quality manuals, maintenance records, work Instructions, employee handbooks, etc.

Document Imaging

  • Scan paper documents and load them directly into the Document Management System without the need to first convert them into electronic files.

Universal Attachment System

  • Attach electronic files of any type to specific records in the database.
  • Directly access record-specific attachments throughout the system. For example, on the Control Panel see attachments related to the specific item, operation, tooling and work center currently in production.
  • Drag-and-drop documents to the Document Management System in the new user experience of Plex.