Scalable ERP Systems & Expansive Infrastructure


Never worry again about your database capacity, number of users, adding another plant or how much storage or computing power you’ll need. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is infinitely scalable — expanding as needed while you let Plex handle the IT infrastructure.

With on-premise software or even hosted legacy software, expansion stops when you max out the available hardware and space on your system. If you outgrow your installation, you will need to add to your infrastructure — an often complicated, time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

Thanks to modern cloud-based technologies, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud scales as your business needs change. Storage and performance are continually tuned, with no disruption to your existing services.

  • Plex has the power and scalability you need. We manage over 400 TB of data and support nearly 150,000 active users, one third of whom log into the system every day.
  • Our n-tier architecture means your ERP infrastructure expands seamlessly.
  • Plex can add new nodes, new plants, and additional processing power and storage with no interruption in availability and responsiveness.
  • Plex monitors performance 24/7, continuously tuning system resources to deliver the outstanding performance Plex users have come to expect.