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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Compliance. Control. Visibility. Traceability. Optimize your end-to-end food and beverage manufacturing process with the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Plex is a complete smart manufacturing platform for food and beverage manufacturers, offering a path to transformation that gets you there quickly. Achieve fast value with feature-rich, rapidly deployable modular and full ERP options.

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Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform Features & Benefits

Batch-Oriented MES

  • Model expected yield losses in detail and report on actual performance in pounds, labor efficiency, and production costs.
  • Schedule optimal batches in series or in parallel across multiple workcenters with varying capacities.
  • Schedule pre-process/prep operations tied to specific batches and batch sizes automatically.
  • Enforce in-process quality control plans to ensure proper stock rotation of perishable products.
  • Integrate with weigh scales, use configurable container and pallet labeling, and more.
  • Rely on intuitive, role-specific access through Plex Mobile that simplifies life and provides real-time connectivity to the platform from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Automate, Orchestrate, and Understand Your Plant Floor

  • Connect to the plant edge to control information and processes while adding efficiency, saving cost, and eliminating manual errors.
  • Connect the plant floor to systems to digitally track production and provide real-time, actionable information and operational KPIs without the complexity of hardware or customized software.
  • Automate data capture and processes to increase control, gain real-time machine status insights, accurately record production, improve traceability, and execute processes like job setup and lineside labeling with Plex A&O.
  • Prevent downtime with asset performance management (APM) which helps pinpoint and measure asset performance and machine health.
  • Extend your capabilities using low-code application building to create custom workflows, content specific visualizations, and solutions that meet localized needs.
  • Connect to machines seamlessly and access the real-time operational KPIs you need to take control of performance with production monitoring.

World-Class Food Safety & Quality Management

  • Execute quality checks on any device and see results on a fully digital, single source of the truth.
  • Depend on process and product quality control capabilities that cover all functional areas from receiving through production and finished goods.
  • Reduce time responding to mock or actual recalls with powerful lot track and trace, tracing from source to destination or vice versa.
  • See all customers who received non-conforming lots and inventory at any stage of production.
  • Handle allergen and country of origin tracking, SPC & problem control, and supplier quality management.
  • Automate checksheets to collect data from PLCs.
  • See quick links to maintenance work requests, gauges and tooling, attachments, and quality and HACCP checks within the platform.

Supply Chain Planning

  • Incorporate advanced requirements planning, statistical forecasting, and demand planning with machine learning into your smart manufacturing foundation.
  • Connect the top floor with the plant floor and suppliers with customers in a closed-loop planning process.
  • Leverage sophisticated statistical algorithms to forecast demand based on historical sales data, external feeds like point-of-sale information, and more.
  • Make collaborative forecast adjustments to reflect information on new programs, customers, products, promos, etc.
  • Get help with distribution requirements planning in a multi-site network.
  • Explode material requirements and plan production orders against a rough-cut capacity plan to dynamically calculate reorder points and other planning parameters.
  • Build plans that lower costs while improving schedule attainment and customer on-time deliveries and satisfaction.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Achieve true flexibility with solutions that enable real-time integration and bi-directional communication that must co-exist in a hybrid IT environment.
  • Enjoy cloud-based architecture coupled with an open integration layer and scalable functionality.
  • Flexible deployment options from standalone production monitoring or quality/QMS to more comprehensive plant-level MES or enterprise-level ERP, Plex meets manufacturers where they are with solutions for today and that scale for tomorrow.

Built-in EDI and Integrations

  • Access a robust library ​of 18 off-the-shelf EDI documents ​and 112 food industry trading partners​.
  • Benefit from EDI mapping and processing​ that occurs directly in Plex ERP, resulting in comprehensive error checking​.
  • API library allows you to integrate with external systems such as nutritional labelling, trade promotion management, and transportation management​.
  • Integrate MES, QMS, and other modules to any ERP (SAP, Dynamics, etc.) and to plant floor process control systems​.

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