The Plex Manufacturing Cloud for Food and Beverage Manufacturers


Digital Transformation to Control, Connect, and Unlock

See how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables digital transformation for food and beverage manufacturers to control the plant floor, connect the entire business, and unlock people potential. (2:44)

Video Transcription

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud helps you develop a culture of production control and industry quality compliance while unlocking the potential of your people to power your growth.

Plex was designed for production manufacturers and like you, manufacturing is all we do.

The unique control panel enables a culture of production control. Everything an operator needs to do their job is served up to them in real-time from a single, central database. From work requests to job sheets, to specifications and formulations, everything is up-to-date because it is based on a single source of truth.

Plex includes many built-in error-proofing features that make it very difficult to produce a bad product. Plex will present the specified inspection checksheets when required. And by filling out the digital form, quality data is available for quality monitoring including statistical process control. Note that an out-of-spec error appears immediately following a bad measurement.

This data is saved forever should you have a quality event or recall.

Every ingredient, recipe or packaging component stored in Plex is a separate data item with the proper quantities and specific attributes of each item required for each final product. 

It is especially important to track ingredients by lot throughout the production process. Plex provides robust lot management including lot attributes.

Documents, such as Certificates of Analysis, can be scanned into Plex from suppliers or produced digitally for customers.

Items are tracked from supplier order to customer shipment for one-up and one-back traceability using the traceability tree.

Plex manages the required materials needed to fulfill all of your customer sales orders. The available inventory required calculates how much material you need to order.

A built-in MRP engine recommends how much you need to buy and when to buy it for all of your jobs.

Placing a purchase order is a simple click of a button.

By digitizing all aspects of your manufacturing business, you glean overall visibility to your financial performance. Of course, Plex supports reporting and dashboards to quickly communicate your performance graphically.

From the plant floor to your top floor, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you the visibility, compliance, and productivity needed to transform your manufacturing business.

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